By Farouk Alao

The ​100 ARCHIVE CHEAT SHEET™​ is a tool proposed to help designers be successful in the archive and should be taken with a grain of salt or two!

When looking through the archive I noticed that certain types of projects are more likely to be successful than others. The success could depend on colour, typefaces, use of images etc. Following these observations, ​100 ARCHIVE CHEAT SHEET™​ was developed to help designers better their chances.

The ​100 ARCHIVE CHEAT SHEET™​ will allow the potential entrants to select the client context and mediums that their project fits into, they will then be prompted to upload visuals from their submission which will be analysed to extract visual data such as colour, typefaces, images etc. All of this data will then be used to determine the likelihood of the project being successful in the archive. The visual approach of the ​100 ARCHIVE CHEAT SHEET™​is influenced by old school dos and terminal screens combined with layouts that some designers might be familiar with.

A special feature of the ​100 ARCHIVE CHEAT SHEET™ is that it will advise on what conceptual or visual elements will increase the odds of a project being featured in the archive but at the end of the day it’s for a laugh and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.