Design for a Better World

by Wei Xing Hoo

From the 100 Archive, it is clear that the Irish design industry has strong links with Irish non-profits and charities.

The data shows an increase in design projects occurring in the charity sector, suggesting that designers are designing a better society.

According to the report by Indecon International Economic Consultants, commissioned by The Charities Regulator, Irish charities have an annual income of €14.5 billion, they employ 189,000 people and they benefit from the voluntary work of over 50,000 board members/directors and the work of over half a million operational volunteers. There are almost 10,000 registered charities and a further 20,000+ organisations in Ireland’s wider non-profit sector.

Charities in Ireland play a vital role in society – they make a difference to millions of lives here and across the world.

This data visualisation shows the number of charity-based projects entered into the 100 Archive increased from 2015 to 2018. The entries for charitable organisations making the 100 Archive selection also increased at the same time.