Hot or Not


By Arlene Ellis

There is often an unspoken rivalry between design studios and this is a way of looking at which studios are ‘hot’ and what are ‘not’. With this proposal for an interactive piece I am looking to explore this in a lighthearted way, by looking at Dublin studios on the 100 Archive and how many projects have been submitted and accepted by each studio.

When certain locations are hovered over on-screen, information will pop up which includes address, how many entries to the archive and how successful they were. It gives the viewer an idea of where the most popular locations in Dublin are for design studios and how successful they are.

The visual approach is quite humorous and light-hearted and not intended to cause controversy but to simply poke fun. The title “Hot or Not” is inspired by the pastel colour palette of pink, blue and red and references the film Mean Girls and certain celebrities like Paris Hilton.